Simple Tips to Balance a Good general Health

What do you mean by general health? Many people have been asking me this question since I started practicing medicine. Actually, it is tough to explain the terminology. I can say it is being free from infections, diseases and disorders (only those which are acquired and not inherited), pain, malfunctioned organs, etc. It could also mean the ability to perform your everyday activities from going to the toilet to eating your food and going to work without any problems. Well, it could include many more things from making love to your partner and going to sleep on time. So, how do you balance your general health?

Everyday Health

Water – Lifeline

How much and how often do you drink water every day? I would suggest you to start the day with one liter of room temperature water after brushing your teeth. It is the best way I have seen for making your bowel movements easy and fast. Your stomach clears completely. Water can also eliminate the stress accumulated in your joints, muscles, and ligaments, as well as internal organs.

My personal experience says you can drink 6 top 7 liters of water every day. You don’t have to gulp them all in single shot (remember your beer drinking competition?). You can sip on water slowly from day to night. It is a great fat burner. I have lost 20 kilos of weight within three months. You may also choose to add one or two pieces lemon /lime to water during the day. Avoid adding lime to water as you may have to wake up frequently to urinate.

Fruit Juices – Detox

Pomegranate and watermelon are the two main fruit juices that I suggest. It is because they are highly antioxidant. They can eliminate almost all the toxic elements from your liver, intestine, kidneys, and the muscles all over your body. I will tell you another secret about the fruit you should prefer for fat loss. No, it isn’t apple. It is guava. Guava juice early in the morning can relieve the hangover feelings which are very difficult to overcome. You may need two or three cups of the juice on empty stomach in the morning.

Salads – Energizers

Now, you have to start eating raw veggies in the form of salads. You may add cucumber, tomato, onion, and beet. Slice them all and use a plate to arrange. Garnish with lemon juice, sliced mint leaves, pepper powder, and sliced garlic pieces.

You may also boil and fry Solomon fish to add as base elements. Make sure you fry them using olive oil or coconut oil. It is for the simple reason that both are fat burning.

Lean Meat – Vitalizing

Lean meat from lamb, beef, and pork can be highly useful for fat burning. You may try them with frying over the pan and adding to the salad. You may also add spices like pepper, garlic, ginger, and others. The recommended method is to boil rather than fry.

What More

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