Digital Health Monitoring Benefits for Fitness Programs

Digital Health Monitoring

I go out for jogging every day early in the morning. I have been doing it for the past 25 years with no problems at all. In fact, it has kept me healthy and fit for these years without any symptoms of diabetes, blood pressure, or the other health-related complications.  Last Sunday also I went out for jogging at the same time at 5:30. Usually, I go for two miles in the first round, take a break for 15 minutes and then jog for another 2 miles before returning home. I had a strange sensation of pressure building up within my chest. It soon shifted to my heart. I could not breathe normally and I felt the first signs of palpitation.

What Went Wrong

I went to consult my physician on the same day. He examined me completely and told me it was the sign of over-exhaustion. He advised me to stop jogging for the next seven days. He also told me to reduce the distance to two miles and take more breaks on the way. He said I was lucky that I consulted him on that day. If I had gone two days later, it would have resulted in a probable heart attack.

Unfortunately, I could not detect the symptoms earlier, because I had no monitoring device. So, I went out and bought a health monitoring watch on the same day. The digital monitoring device has been helping me in observing my heart rate, blood pressure, sugar level, calories, and other vital fluid levels in my body. I am glad that I can depend on the device for its accuracy and consistency.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate is a parameter which can vary during jogging. There are several stages of heart rate for the athletes to achieve. In the moderate level, it will be 30% of its maximum efficiency. It is the stage when the cardiovascular muscles relax and start getting pumped up for the next stage.

In the standard level, the heart rate will be 40%-45% of its standard value while jogging. It can gradually increase as you push the speed value to a higher level. Fluent and fast running can take the heart to 85%-90% of its maximum efficiency.  It is the time when stress starts to accumulate within the heart.

 The stress is good for a young and dynamic athlete who wants to improve his performance levels. He can increase the potential strength of his heart with consistent sprint running workouts. However, it may not be so healthy for a 55+ man like me, who is jogging to keep my fitness at a little above the normal level.

The digital tracking device gives me the warning when I cross the threshold limit. It allows me to set the minimum and maximum values for speed, acceleration, vertical inclination, heart rate per minute, calories burning per-minute, and other factors. The device can also track my sleeping cycles, calorie consumption, and other eating patterns.


I have also heard of digital health events in which manufacturers of electronic devices for health care and monitoring. Here, you can avail many types of chiropractic health improvement workout tools also. I wish you can go to any of such events in your city and get the benefits.

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