About Us

Hello and welcome to my blog on general health. For many people, general health could be a confusing concept. They may assume taking prescription medicines to cure a bad health condition is the first step. Then they think about taking health insurance to pay for the medicines and hospitalization expenses. Then they start worrying about therapies and treatments to avoid infections and diseases. Only a few of whom I know think of a general healthcare plan. In my blog, I will be explaining about the various methods of general health from the morning water you drink to the supper and fruit juices.

Water –How Much and How Often

I have seen people who sip on water, gulp water, taste water, and don’t even bother to drink water or drink only their thirst hits the peak. In my blog, I will be explaining the complete details on how each method helps or hurts your body in several ways. I shall also give you useful tips from dieticians about how to drink water in a proper and scientific manner.

Fruit Juices – Why and When

 Everybody knows about the healthy way of life through drinking fruit juices. Still most of us prefer to drink processed juices and carbonated soda water. Many of us love to taste fruit juice, but prefer drinking alcoholic beverages. I have seen the cost of one tin-beer to be less than one liter water bottle in many countries. There could be many such factors, which could limit the tendency to drink fruit juices among the young and the adult population.

In my blog, I will be sharing some useful information about the need to practice fruit juice drinking in your everyday life. You may drink them whenever you feel thirsty. It is very important to combine fruit juices with water. I will also take you on a wonderful journey through the fruit markets of Asia.

Veggie Juices – Why and How Much

The juices from carrot, beet, pumpkin, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, and other green veggies are highly nutritious and healthy for your body. You can also add lemon, pepper powder, ginger, and other spices in small quantities. In my blog, I will explain about the significant health improvements you can experience with veggie juices.

Fish Oil – Best Ways to Use

Fish oil is one of the best ways of improving your cardiovascular, neuromuscular, skeletal, and internal organs’ health and fitness. You may buy them off-the-shelf or prepare them at home. In my blog, I will explain the practical methods of using fish oil in your foods. You may also use them as supplements.

Physical Workouts – Why and How

I have been working as a part-time fitness trainer in a gym near my home. I have seen people with muscular and joint pain complaining about the problems they face in everyday life. I have trained many of them on simple physical workouts to improve their general health. I have also attended many digital health event programs to learn about the benefits of such workouts for people of all ages. In my blog, I will be sharing my experience and knowledge.